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We do MC, EMC, EPC and EPC-F for various projects in the field of metallurgy, mining & renewable energy
With the aim of constructing highly efficient, reliable and safe plants besides our longtime supporting services

تولید شمش منیزیم

In recent years, due to the special properties of magnesium, the most important of which are low density, higher weight-to-strength ratio than aluminum, the ability to form intermetallic compounds, and high thermal activity, special attention has been paid to this valuable material. Magnesium is used as an alloying element for aluminum and steel, reducing or desulfurizing elements, etc. Magnesium is mostly produced by silicothermic reduction of dolomite ore.

تولید کاتد مس

Copper is one of the main metals in the world and is one of the oldest metals discovered by mankind. Copper can be easily formed into different shapes. Due to the significant added value of copper metal production, its production is very profitable and many countries in the world are investing in copper cathode production plants.

خطوط تولید بریکت

The technology of briquetting is about 200 years old so various industries use it to improve the performance of their processes. The benefits of briquetting include the optimal use of by-products and low-efficiency materials in various industries. But in the last decade, new applications for briquetting have emerged, which has shown the importance of this industry more than ever. Briquetting is used in iron and steel, minerals (coal, salt, dolomite, manganese, ferroalloys, chemicals, agricultural chemical fertilizers and detergents, and sanitary materials.

Expert design and R&D departments make us capable of executing various industrial projects from idea to implementation.


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