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Industrial & Engineering Projects Implementation

A perfect harmony of research, design and execution

ARAMICO is a trustworthy brand for providing industrial solutions and services. Our process is based on finding opportunities, research and development, implementing projects at the laboratory and pilot level and implementing projects with suitable economic parameters on an industrial scale. We are ready to cooperate with our customers to launch industrial projects in various fields.

For quality, consistency, and our customers’ trust!


Magnesium Ingot Production

In recent years, due to the special properties of magnesium, the most important of which are low density, higher weight-to-strength ratio than aluminum, the ability to form intermetallic compounds, and high thermal activity …

Copper Cathode Production

Copper is one of the main metals in the world and is one of the oldest metals discovered by mankind. Copper can be easily formed into different shapes. Due to the significant added value of copper metal production 

Briquetting Plant

The technology of briquetting is about 200 years old so various industries use it to improve the performance of their processes. The benefits of briquetting include the optimal use of by-products and low-efficiency materials in various industries …

Calcination Lines

The process of calcination (thermal decomposition) is generally referred to the reactions in which carbonate minerals such as dolomite, limestone, etc. are converted into oxide minerals at the right temperature and time in the furnace…

Mining Industry

Iran is located in the mines belt of the Middle East; therefore, its advantage is not only the cheap energy but also good mines. Aramico is attended to improve the efficiency and stable production of raw minerals by design and construction of processing lines.

Renewable Energy

The development of renewable and non-polluting energy ensures human life on this planet, and Aramico has identified the abilities and potentials of solar, wind and hydro power plants due to geographic and climatic diversity in Iran.

Metallurgical Industry

Mineral rich mines and an abundance of minerals in addition to mid-products resulted in the requests for the construction of metallurgical processing lines in Iran. Therefore, one of the major aims in Aramico is the construction of such plants for metallic and non-metallic minerals.
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