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Electrofused Products Manufacturing

Electrofused ceramic materials are produced using electric arc furnaces. Materials like alumina, silica, mullite and spinel can be produced with this method.

Fused alumina has high density, low porosity, low permeability and high refractoriness. Because of these properties, this type of alumina is used in the production of abrasives and refractories. Young’s modulus of this type of alumina is higher than other abrasives and lower than SiC. The three main uses of fused alumina are abrasives, refractories, and sandblasting. Recently, this type of alumina is also used in the floor tile industry. Fused alumina can be produced as white fused or brown fused alumina.

The first electrofused production plant of the country (ALTUS)

The production of refractory products is of particular importance due to the wide application and strong dependence of various industries on them, especially in infrastructure industries such as steel, cement, aluminum, copper and glass industries. For this reason, refractory materials have always been considered a strategic product, and the advanced technology of producing refractory products in the world is unique to a few industrialized countries. With the growth and development of metallurgical industries in Iran, which consumes almost 70% of the country’s refractory materials, the production of refractory products has received attention.

aramico had passed a complete route, from laboratory to industrial scale, for producing different types of electrofused products. We are ready to make new partners for the production of these materials.

Expert design and R&D departments make us capable of executing various industrial projects from idea to implementation.


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