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Centrifugal Casting

Casting is the process in which molten material is poured into the mold to become solid in the form of the mold and the desired nugget will be produced. This method is the cheapest way to produce metal products. Near 15% of all casting processes in world is done as centrifugal casting. This method is invented in 1918 by a Brazilian scientist that omit the need of central mold wall in casting pipes and the mold to be cooled by cold water in a cooling system.

AMAYESH RAH MIHAN  knowledge based company with high engineering skills and technical knowledge, long time background in constructing equipment and with international advisors help has gained  design and contracting technical knowledge in metallurgical industry for design, construct and operating centrifugal casting manufacture line.

Centrifugal Casting

Centrifugal casting equipment are divided in 3 groups due to the direction of mold axis so we can divide centrifuge casting to three main categories:

  1. True centrifugal Casting
  2. Semi centrifugal casting
  3. Under pressure centrifugal casting
Centrifugal Casting

Horizontal centrifugal casting is often used for casting products with high L/D ratio or with uniform interior diameter like pipes, cylindrical shells and etc. in the other hand vertical ones are used for low L/D ratio products. In under pressure centrifugal casting melt pressure to fill the mold cavities is provided and it’s suitable for meticulous products like gates, car hoods or candles and etc.

Centrifugal casting mats should be coated with ceramic materials, mold powder, sand, sand resin or graphite and most common mold is water based mold wash(with 0.5-3mm width) and Coating is done to reduce the friction between the piece and the mold and prevent it from sticking the piece. The most important equipment for centrifugal casting are centrifuge machine, casting pipes, ladles and molds and etc.

By identifying opportunities, conducting thorough research and performing tests at different levels we are developing technical knowledge for many industrial processes in the field of metallurgy, mining and renewable energy.


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