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Fluidized bed mineral roasting plants

Roasting is one of the metallurgical processes where ore is heated in the presence of excess air. The roasting process temperature is below the ore melting point. Generally, in this process, sulfide minerals are converted into oxide. A solid-gas thermal reaction happens during roasting. During this process lots of volatile gases is released for example in the roasting of sulfide ores SO2 is produced. The use of fluid bed reactors for roasting minerals is one of the modern methods that have high efficiency and lower energy consumption compared to conventional furnaces.

The phenomenon of fluidization refers to the creation of a fluid-like flow from solid materials. This engineering method was first industrialized in the 1940s with the process of catalytic cracking of hydrocarbons to produce gasoline, and revolutionized reactors and chemical reactions. Fluidized bed reactors have unique capabilities compared to other reactors, including more heat and mass transfer, rapid chemical reactions, high efficiency, simultaneous catalyst recovery, etc.

Today, this technology is used in refining and petrochemical, biochemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, food, etc. industries, and in Iran industries, fluidized bed equipment is used for many applications, the most important examples of which are fluidized bed reactors in refineries and Petrochemicals pointed out.

a Fluid bed reactor

Iron, zinc, lead, copper, and other metal sulfides are processed by roasting and converted into their oxides. So roasting is an important process in the metallurgical industry and an essential part of many metal production processes. Using fluidized bed reactors for mineral roasting has the following advantages: ease of control due to the absence of moving parts within the reactor, homogeneity of discharge products, ability to handle fine particles and high efficiency of heat transfer and mass transfer. As a result, the use of fluidized bed reactors increases the profitability of the production process.

a Fluid bed reactor and related equipments

Aramico is ready to design and implement fluidized bed reactors for roasting different minerals. The roasting reactors can be prepared with different production capacities.

Expert design and R&D departments make us capable of executing various industrial projects from idea to implementation.


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