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Small and Medium Hydropower Plants

In hydropower plants electrical energy is produced by using stored energy of captured water in dams in heights. No environment pollution, no need of fossil fuels, high efficiency, high service life and low conservation cost are most advantages of hydropower plants. On the other hand changes in ecosystem of surroundings, high building and transformation costs are the negative points of these plants. The capacity of small hydropower plant is about 1MW and the medium one is about 10MW.

Amayesh Rah Mihan Company has gained design and contracting technical knowledge by long time background in EPC contract of several small or medium hydropower plants and extended abilities by establishing ARAMICO-Hydrochina consortium. Being one of Faraab Company’s founders ARAMICO is the first EPC contractor of iran’s hydropower plants. Contracting Karoon3, Masjed Soleiman, Karoon1 and Karkhe hydropower plants are mostly known projects of ARAMICO. As one of board of directors of MAPNA group ARAMICO has gained more experience in EPC contracting of hydropower plants.

Small and Medium Hydropower Plants

Hydro turbines, main transformer, governor, servo motor, generator, rectifier, field equipment, trans, plant’s controlling system, DC, AC or UPS systems and etc are major equipment and machinery that are used in hydropower plants.

By identifying opportunities, conducting thorough research and performing tests at different levels we are developing technical knowledge for many industrial processes in the field of metallurgy, mining and renewable energy.


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