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Calcined Alumina (Alpha) Production

Calcined alumina, aluminum oxide, is a widely used ceramic material and has mechanical properties such as good compressive strength and high hardness. It is also resistant to high temperatures, which makes it suitable as a refractory material. The high hardness of alumina makes it resistant to wear. Therefore, it is used in various cases, such as erosion-resistant coatings for pipes, ducts, pumps and valves, and sheaths for fibers, wires, etc. Alumina is used as a metal cutting tool tip due to its high hardness at high temperatures. Alumina is also the most widely used abrasive, which is generally used for ferrous alloys, high-tensile materials, and wood. Alumina is also used as a grinding material in a wide range of particle size reduction processes.

According to official statistics, only the consumption of refractory materials in the production units and factories covered by the Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation is more than 500 thousand tons per year, among which, on average, 20% of the refractory materials consumed are alumina materials, which is equivalent to 100 thousand tons per year. Currently, Iran’s steel industry is the main consumer of these materials with 65%, followed by cement industries with 8%, petrochemical industries with 7%, non-ferrous metal production industries with 6%, ceramic industries with 5%, and other industries with 10%.

Interior view of rotary kiln for alpha alumina production

Ball mills, which are used as one of the basic components in material preparation processes, are used in industries such as mining and metallurgy, tile and ceramic, porcelain and glaze, cement, etc. Due to the exceptional properties of calcined alumina, it is used extensively as grinding medium and liner. The majority of industrial processes use grinding at least in one of their step and due to the growth of small and large industries in the country, the need for calcined alumina is obvious.

aramico possesses complete knowledge of the design and implementation of industrial production lines for calcined alumina with different grades. we are ready to make a new partner for manufacturing alpha alumina with various properties.

Expert design and R&D departments make us capable of executing various industrial projects from idea to implementation.


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