Production of parts by Thixomolding method

Semi-solid metal forming technology is considered one of the new methods for manufacturing parts, which provides the possibility of producing thin parts with complex geometry. This method has largely overcome the problems in forming and casting under pressure and produces parts with high mechanical properties. Thixoforming is a group of semi-solid forming methods.

Thixomolding is one of the Thixoforming methods that has been noticed due to its ease and high speed. In this method, forming is performed in only one step. For this purpose, the solid metal alloy is crushed into small pieces and placed in the machine to be heated to a semi-melted state. After heating, the pieces become semi-solid slurry and are injected into the mold to form the final shape.

This method of thixoforming is considered a popular method for magnesium alloys. Magnesium is an active metal that quickly reacts with oxygen after being heated and can be disastrous, that’s why a neutral gas such as argon is usually used for protection during the process.

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