Bentonite Sulphur fertilizer

Bentonite sulfur fertilizer is one of the important agrochemicals. Sulfur is abundant in the plant, especially in the leaves, and it is a component of protein in the plant. The most important function of sulfur is in the production of amino acids, followed by protein synthesis. This element is an important component in the formation of essential vitamins for plant metabolism.

The bentonite used in this product plays a significant role in absorbing water and during the oxidation process of sulfur in the soil, bentonite disintegrates and explodes by absorbing moisture in the soil, and this process turns the existing sulfur into smaller particles, and as a result, the oxidation of sulfur occurs earlier. Considering that sulfur does not dissolve alone in the soil or with water, it is easily accessible to the roots.

Bentonite sulfur fertilizer lowers the pH of the soil and increases the speed and amount of soil absorption. This fertilizer causes the release of stabilized nutrients in the soil. Sulfur plays an important role in the process of photosynthesis in plants, and its deficiency reduces plant growth; Therefore, plant growth increases with the use of bentonite sulfur fertilizer. Bentonite sulfur fertilizer increases plant resistance in cold conditions.

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