Humic acid fertilizer

Humic acid is obtained from the decomposition of the bodies of plants and animals and during long-term processes. In fact, the plants and animals buried in the soil have become a good source of organic and mineral substances due to sunlight and heat, and humidity, one of which is humic minerals. This valuable material is sometimes obtained from sediments left from prehistoric times.

The importance of humic acid fertilizer for the agricultural industry is due to the fact that it significantly increases soil fertility and thus the efficiency of cultivation processes. Humic not only strengthens the soil and the substrate for growing plants but also qualitatively transforms the products obtained from agriculture.

The benefits of using humic acid fertilizer in agriculture include the development of the root network of plants, reducing salinity and calcium carbonate concentration in the soil, chelating metal micronutrients near the roots of plants for better absorption, reducing the need to use chemical fertilizers, Modification of soil structure for better water retention, etc.

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