Production of ferrotitanium

Ferrotitanium is a ferroalloy composed of titanium and iron, sometimes with a small amount of carbon. The amount of titanium in this ferroalloy varies between 10 and 75%. This material is used as a cleaner in steel making and is highly reactive with nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and sulfur and removes them in the slag, so it is used for desulfurization and deoxygenation and to eliminate gas. Also, this material has low density and high resistance, and it has high strength against corrosion.

Another application of ferrotitanium is to improve the grain structure of steel. Ferrotitanium alloy ultimately improves the quality of carbon steel. This alloy has high solubility compared to iron. Titanium is also used for its anti-rust properties. This property has caused ferrotitanium to be used in the steel industry to produce stainless steel.

Adding this material to steel reduces the tendency to cracking, therefore its main use is in the automotive industry, shipbuilding, etc. This alloy plays an effective role in cracking control.

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