Stone paper production

Stone paper is a type of paper made from 80% calcium carbonate (limestone) and 20% bio-polyethylene resin (HDPE). In this case, HDPE is used as an adhesive.

Stone paper is a completely non-toxic and biodegradable alternative to paper. It is suitable for many types of printing, including offset lithography and silk screen printing. Rock paper is made up mostly of calcium carbonate, a substance found in rocks, and is completely wood-free. Paper decomposes safely, without releasing harmful gases, and completely decomposes within 9 to 12 months if left in nature. Also, it can be easily burned without releasing harmful gases.

No trees, water, poisons, or bleach are used in the production of stone paper. Unused or excess acetone paper can be easily recycled into new acetone paper. Because it is tree-free and therefore fiber-free, it does not absorb ink like traditional wood pulp paper and therefore uses 15-20% less ink during printing compared to wood pulp paper. This results in a very clear and high-quality image.

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