Launch of large industries based in Lamerd Special Economic Zone

Launch of large industries based in Lamerd Special Economic Zone

Lamerd’s Special Economic Zone is located in the south of Lamerd, 6 km north-east of Lamerd. Its area is over 8500 hectares and its airspace is from the Special Economic Energy Zone on the Parsian, Port and Wharf in Hormozgan province, 30 km, which will be linked by the 43 km freeway to the Persian Gulf. The industries expected to deploy in this area are aluminum and its downstream industries, cement, magnesium, petrochemicals, combined cycle power plant, downstream steel industries and petrochemical downstream industries.

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Investment incentives and customs advantages in Lamerd’s Special Economic Zone are:

  1. Exporting goods to world markets
  2. Import of goods from the special area for domestic use will be subject to export and import regulations, and export of goods from this area will be without any formalities.
  3. Import of goods from abroad or free trade-industrial zones into the region with the least customs formalities.
  4. Goods that come from outside or from free industrial zones or other areas to the region can leave the country without any formalities.
  5. All goods entering the region for the production or provision of services do not include general export-import regulations, and import of goods to other parts of the country will be subject to export and import regulations.
  6. Goods produced in the special zone, as well as raw materials and disposable parts imported from the region to the country, are not subject to pricing rules due to the non-use of resources and currency quotas of the country.
  7. Trading of the region with the overseas or other special economic zones and free zones of commercial and industrial after the registration of customs duties, commercial profit and all import and export duties are exempted under any heading and are not subject to import restrictions and prohibitions. .
  8. The entry of goods, machinery and raw materials of the units in the special area is free and without customs duties and commercial profits, and the possibility of entering and leaving goods from the region abroad, without customs clearance, will be possible.
  9. Providing services and facilities for warehousing, unloading and loading of goods in public and private warehouses of the special area.
  10. Importing and storing goods (raw materials, machinery, tools and parts produced) is allowed in the warehouses of the region for distribution to different countries.
Shiraz Lamerd
shiraz-Laramed path

11. Temporary entry of raw materials and foreign parts into the region is possible for conversion, completion or repair to the country.
12. The benefit of industries based in Lamerd’s Special Economic Energy Zone of the 10-year tax exemption
13. Goods imported into the special zone are exempt from value added tax.
14. Use of financial facilities from the National Environmental Fund for units and industries that demand better management in mitigating the consequences of their environmental misconduct.
15. Most of the licenses required in the region are issued by the management of the district organization and the investor will not be subject to complicated regulations.
16. The establishment of an independent labor office in the region, the existence of special labor and labor laws and special facilities for the entry, exit and use of foreign nationals
17. Import of semi-manufactured and finished goods from regional and global markets for the production, processing and value adding of exports
18. Establishment of customs facilities and lubricants for the import, export, production, processing, re-export and transit of manufactured goods, machinery, raw materials and tools required from the production line (from domestic and foreign sources)
19. Failure to impose a time limit for the storage of goods in accordance with the agreement of the parties in the warehouses of the region with minimum storage costs and excluding them from the provisions of abandoned goods
20. The possibility of insurance for all goods entering the area from arrival to departure (maintenance period) in public and private warehouses under the supervision of the customs district
21. All or some parts of the goods are allowed to be discharged for temporary admission from the customs area for the purpose of export or transit, and the satisfaction of guarantees and obligations.

Permits issued in Lamerd Special Economic Zone

The Lamerd Special Legislative Assembly approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly

Approved by the Special Zone by the Cabinet

Licensing of Lamerd Special Land Area to Iran Mining and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization

License for gas allocation by the Ministry of Petroleum

Lamerd Special Zone Environmental License

Bijan Namdar Zanganeh, Oil Minister:

Lamerd and Mehr, South Pars, Lamerd Aluminium, are not slogans and demonstrations, and we hope that sanctions will be lifted against the country as soon as possible so that we can continue the development and prosperity of the country as much as possible. Zanganeh also said: “We will be glad to have the gas consumer in the energy industries of our country.”

Dr. Seyed Mosa Mousavi, a representative of the people of Lamerd and Mehr in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said that with the commencement of the operation of four major industrial projects, Lamerd Special Economic Zone and Parsian refinery, the Lamerd and Mehr cities in the focus of government and media Of the country. Referring to the 11th state visit to Fars province, the trip of the government of Tadbir and Omid was the source of blessing and the two key oil and health ministers who were involved with the affairs of Lamerd and Mehr were in these two cities. A member of the Energy Committee of the Majles added: “With the launch of four large industrial projects, production in the special economic zone of the energy industry and the Parsian, Lamerd and Mehr refinery took place at the attention of the government and media of the country, and on the orders of the President of the executive of the largest aluminum company of the country, The state-of-the-art combined-cycle power plant with a capacity of 930 MW in F-Class and the first GTL gas conversion project with a repayment of over 7 trillion tomans in the Lamard Special Economic Zone began

Mousavi added that in these cases the refinery of Parsian refinery should be added, which is estimated at 3 trillion USD. Considering this huge project, the total credit of the industries that will be constructed in these two cities will be 10 trillion tomans arrives.

The official noted that for these projects to work, over the last three years, there has been a lot of work and, in order to include the launch of the operation of these four major projects during the visit of the president to Fars province, during the last two weeks of correspondence and meetings Several people were assisted by the first vice president, the deputy executive of the president, the vice president of parliamentary affairs, the ministers and the governors of the governorate of Fars. And, after all, the credibility and worth of the delegation’s visit to Fars Province returned to these huge projects of Lamerd and Mehr. He emphasized that, alas, as a servant, I have devoted myself to serving the people, as a servant of health, of the family and all night, but I must emphasize that these works only occurred in the light of the attention of the Imam and Imams, and if something happened It was followed by the efforts of previous officials.

Representative Lamerd and Mehr in the parliament said: “Let’s not forget that these large projects came under difficult conditions and economic problems of the country, and on the other hand, Lamerd’s replacement hospital hanger was also landed on the ground. Mousavi, stating that, as I promised, Lamerd and Mehr were well introduced to the government, “From now on, there are a lot of investors in the Lamerd Special Economic Zone, and there is a lot of blessings, because I announced to the government The launch of these big projects will be a great honor for the eleventh government and come to the conclusion. A member of the Iranian parliament’s Energy Commission, saying that we will need more sympathy and sympathy in the cities of Lamerd and Mehr, we said: “The way to serve the people of these two cities will definitely require more sympathy and coziness, and these large projects are not only owned, It belongs to the two cities, but belongs to Fars and throughout the country.

Launch decree on the operation of the large industrial projects of the Special Area of Energy Industries Lamard by the Presidency of the Republic: Beginning with the divine power of the operation of the Southern Aluminum Industrial Complex, the Ghadir Combined Cycle Power Plant project and the Gittal Natural Gas Production Project.

Source: Sobhan Newspaper, Special Letter on the Launch of Large Industries Based in Lamerd’s Special Economic Zone for Energy Industries

Date of the news: Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

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