With the construction of a magnesium extraction plant in Hamadan: Iran will not need to import magnesium

import magnesium

The first magnesium billets of Iran and the Middle East were erected last winter in Ferdows, Khorasan, and then the Aras Free Zone was selected for the second option, and now a few months afterwards, there are reports of the construction of a magnesium production plant in Hamedan, a factory that is supposed to With the participation of public and private companies.

Magnesium is one of the materials that has not found its place in Iran and even in the world and has not been used much, but with the growth of automotive and aircraft industries, it is expected to increase its production and use day by day. In recent years, Iran has been considered as an importer of magnesium ingots from China, which is expected to be produced in the country in addition to supplying domestic export needs.

Public and private partners of magnesium producers

The head of Hamedan Industry, Mining and Trade Organization said about the construction of a magnesium oxide plant in Hamedan. Currently, the production of magnesium ingot is being pursued in cooperation with the Social Security Investment Company, Shasta, and a private company, Armiko, which is undergoing its initial stages. Matin adds: 24 thousand tons of magnesium ingot for Shasta and 12 thousand tons for private companies, which will be licensed for licensing in the course of 30 months. He notes that this project is still in its infancy and is at the point of getting a license to get started, such as location for the factory, the purchase of related devices, and the amount of investment required in the research and expertise phase.

Hamidreza Matin stated: “The amount of magnesium deposits is unlimited and very large, and is distributed in areas such as Nahavand, Azna and Malayer, but in Ferdows, Khorasan, there is a small factory in the area.”

import magnesium

Industry Newspaper: Iran will not need to import magnesium anymore.

Director of the Hamedan Industry, Mining and Trade Organization said: “In recent years, the country has been in need through China and Ukraine, hoping to build the plant, in addition to providing domestic needs, exports to other countries will also be operational. He emphasized: the project needs 150 billion tomans worth of credit, and yet the figures are not yet carefully examined, but the suggestion made in this regard is this figure.

Native knowledge of magnesium production

Mohammad Jalil Oghli, Director of the magnesium project in Hamadan, says: The technical knowledge of the magnesium ingot project has been registered by the company Aramico, and Hamadan is the third district chosen for the construction of a magnesium ingot mill. He emphasized that the construction of the magnesium production plant was a proposal of the Hamedan Governorate, which Shasta and Aramico have been discussing in this regard, but this project is still under way. He added about other areas that are supposed to produce magnesium billets: Ferdows Khorasan opened in last month and is being exploited from a month ago, with 6,000 tons of annual production with a capital of 60 billion USD for this plant. Aras Free Zone is also the second largest company to be selected for this purpose, and it is planned to export only products from this regions, and in the first stage, 6,000 tons of products with a capital of 100 billion USD for this plant are considered. He emphasizes: In the Aras plan, 60% of Aramico and 40% of other companies are shareholders, but an English company also wants to buy 80% of its shares, but there is still a small chance for foreigners to work, For the Iranians want it to be successful.

Managing director of Aras Magnesium Ingot company said: Hamadan is the third area to be selected for the construction of a magnesium oxide plant, which is expected to produce 12,000 tons of magnesium oxide with an investment of over 180 billion tomans.

Mohammad Jalil Oghly adds that plan is currently in its early stages, and yet it is unclear what is the design, cost and location of the plant, and whether it is at all economical. But it is scheduled to be carried out in four independent sections, namely, dolomite preparation, rehabilitation, conditioning and wrapping furnaces. He added Shasta Company is investing in the project and Aramico has been designing machinery and installing and installing machines. In fact, the technical knowledge of this project is entirely Iranian and its technology is being implemented by this company. He states: The dolomite mineral is a magnesium oxide supplier that is found abundantly within the boundaries of Nahavand. Currently, magnesium ingot has a very low consumption and is used only in the alloying industries. So far it has imported less than 1,000 tons. He says about the functions of magnesium: the most used in the manufacture of car parts, and the world goes to the use of this product, because 30% more resistance and at the same time 30% less weight than aluminum, and therefore to reduce the car fuel is right.

Source: SAMAT (IMT) Newspaper (Industry, Mine, Trade)

Code: 9414

News Date: Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

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